Test your digital skills

The Framework Digital Literacies of the University of Basel has been adapted from the “Digital Capabilities Framework” of the British organization JISC. The same organization provides a self-assessment tool in the form of a brief survey with which to measure one’s general level of knowledge and skills. In 2022, further resources were created on a variety of more specialized areas of digital literacy.

The goal of this survey is to help users get a sense of their knowledge and skills and to invite them to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. It has not been designed to deliver an absolute, objective measure of digital skills.

Any member of the University of Basel can use this tool (AAi-Login).

By clicking on the button “Test Digital Literacies” on the right-hand side, you'll be forwarded to a login page on the JISC website. Select “University of Basel” from the drop-down menu, and then, on the AAi-logon page, sign in with your usual credentials. You'll be taken to the JISC self-assessment page.

To take the general survey, click on “Questions set” and then choose “Overal Digital Capabilities”. At the end of the survey, you'll receive a report on your skills, together with further resources and recommendations to improve your literacy in all relevant areas.

Next to the general survey, there are further tests and learning resources on a variety of topics.

Legal notice

Participation to this survey occurs on a voluntary basis.

Even though a login is required to access the tool, the Project Digital Literacies only receives from JISC aggregate results that cannot be traced back to individuals.

The Data Protection Offer of the University has validated the JISC survey for use at the University of Basel in the context of the Project Digital Literacies.

More information can be made available upon request.

Self-test Digital literacies